Get Your Crow Friends Costume
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Get Your Crow Friends Costume

Feeling as excited as a crow with a shiny object? You should be! Our talented artist, Nomegla, has outdone himself to design the coolest, limited edition Voxels costume ever! This isn’t just any old costumeβ€”it’s a Nomegla original that will make you the talk of the tree tops.

Your Guide to Securing the Limited Edition Costume

Here’s a quick overview of how you can get your claws on the exclusive, limited edition Crow Friends Costume by Nomegla. Follow these steps to spread your wings, and for more detailed instructions, continue reading below.

  1. Sign the Crow Friends guest book (or message us your wallet address on @Shelveswtf or @CrowFriendsNFT).
  2. Await costume delivery from Nomegla.
  3. Put on the costume (you need this file
  4. Fly to the Crow Friends nest and take a selfie.

1. Sign the Crow Friends Guest Book

  • Fly to the Crow Friends nest at 7 Fiat Rise (parcel 5298) on Satoshi Island in Voxels.,436N
  • Log in and connect your wallet. This is the wallet that will receive the Crow Friends costume.
  • Click on the Crow Friends Guest Book that’s under the nest (hint: Click the sign that says “Sign Guestbook” not the book.).
  • After the window opens, click “Sign this guest book.”
  • Sign the signature request for Parcel 5298.
  • Once you have signed it, the guest book will state, “You have signed this guest book”.
  • Close the guest book.

Note! If you are having trouble signing the guestbook message us on @Shelveswtf X-Twitter with your wallet address.

2. Hang Tight for Delivery

  • Hang tight while Nomegla sends the Crow Friends costume to your wallet.
  • If your dream of being a crow can’t wait, message us on @shelveswtf to let us know you signed the guest book (or send us your wallet address) and we’ll hop to it.

3. Put On Your Costume

  • Download and unzip
  • In Voxels, go to “Costumer.” It’s listed under Account:
  • Click on “Upload” and choose the Crowfriends.json file from your folders.
  • Once the file is uploaded, the Costumer will display the Crow Friends costume.
  • Click the “Wear” button to wear your Crow Friends costume.
  • The dress emoji πŸ‘— will now be displayed next to Crow Friends, indicating that this is your active costume.

4. Head to the Nest

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