The Case of the Missing Teddy

1 min read

A Furry Sleuth Mystery on Shelves

Meet Vincent and his Teddy, who watch over Shelves—a mysterious place filled with objects and books.

But Teddy has gone missing. Vincent feels a void like never before. Where could Teddy be?

Whispers fill the air. Crows like shiny things, and Teddy has shiny button eyes. Rumor has it that crows are on a treasure hunt. Could Teddy be one of the prizes?

While scouring Shelves for clues, Vincent finds a pair of 3D glasses—a new addition? Or a clue?

As Vincent searches, a daring operation is unfolding. Teddy’s head is secretly placed back on the shelf.

Vincent finds Teddy’s head and is overcome with relief. And yet, someone or something has messed with the wrong cat. Vincent vows to solve the case and restore Teddy. The hunt is on!

Vincent is ready, are you? Join Vincent on his quest to find Teddy’s missing pieces and unravel the mystery. What would you do if you were in Vincent’s or paws?