Mint Crow Friends

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Crow Friends is a generative pfp art collection featuring hand-drawn crows by Nomegla. This project is inspired by real crows he’s made friends with over the past three years.

The following outlines the details of the minting process including air drops, pre-mint and public mint. If you have questions please reach out to @Shelveswtf or @CrowFriendsNFT.


Note: all minting stages will be based on snapshots.


Selected communities can mint a Crow Friends Mint Pass for early access to discounted minting. These communities are:

You must hold a Crow Friends Mint Pass at the time of the snapshot (Sept. 10th, 2023) to be eligible for 50% off of the public mint price.

BONUS: After the public mint, metadata for the Crow Friends Mint Pass will be updated to an editioned art piece.

Free Airdrop

Crow Friends NFTs will be airdropped to Shelves holders and the Crow Friends allow list (those who participated in the treasure hunt, got a crow costume, or attended the summer party).

Public Mint

The public mint will be open for one week, and the size of the final collection depends on how many people mint during that time. So, either we sell out or the time runs outβ€”whichever comes first.


Reach Nomegla’s team at @Shelveswtf or @CrowFriendsNFT.