Where’s My Treasure?
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Where’s My Treasure?

Help Our Feathered Friends Find Their Treasures!

Greetings, treasure seekers! Our mischievous Crow Friends have misplaced their favorite objects. Vincent, the black cat mascot of Shelves, is rather perturbed that his favorite item from Shelves has gone missing! Join the Crow Friends in their crow-tastic hide-and-seek escapade across the Shelves website and Voxel plots. Reveal collection traits and seize your chance at one of 10 FREE MINT SPOTS!

Meet the Characters

  • Nomegla: The artist behind Crow Friends and friend to all critters. He enjoys spending time with the crows and observing their habits of collecting and hiding objects.
  • Vincent: Nomegla’s cat, Vincent, often lounges on Shelves, observing Nomegla and the crows through the front window. His aloof demeanor and keen eye make him an unofficial guard of Shelves’ books and objects.
  • Floofy Pants: One of Nomegla’s crow friends, Floofy Pants, is named for his feathers that resemble fluffy pantaloons. Endlessly curious and always ready for a peanut, he embodies the playful spirit of the crow community.

The Hunt

Nomegla’s Crow Friends have done what crows do best: hide their beloved treasures. But amid the chaos, a valuable item from Shelves has suspiciously gone missing, and Vincent is none too pleased! Our Crow Friends are in a flutter! Treasures are scattered, memories are vague, and Vincent needs your wit to recover the stolen Shelves object. Lend a wing, find these precious hidden treasures, and uncover the mystery behind the missing item. Join the hunt today and help unravel the secrets behind each hidden item!

How to Play

  1. Solve the Clues: Read the clues below. Solve them with your big brain or navigate the Shelves website, Shelves Voxels plot, and Crow Friends Voxels plot to figure it out.
  2. Unlock Clues: Enter the clues below to unlock each page and reveal a new Crow Friend.
  3. Share Your Discoveries: Share what you find with the @CrowFriendsNFT and @Shelveswtf flock
  4. Stay Alert: Keep a sharp beak on this page and our X-Twitter for updates and a chance to land free minting spots!


Embark on a thrilling adventure to help the Crow Friends recover their treasures! Unlock each page with the correct clue word and it will reveal a new Crow Friend and corresponding trait.

Clue #1

Caw Caw! Our Crow Friends have hidden away a small, crunchy treasure, often encased within a shell. Can you solve this mystery and discover the story of how Nomegla became friends with Floofy Pants and the other Crow Friends?

🔒 Unlock the page by entering the six (6) letter lower-case clue here.

Hint: watch the video.

Clue #2

We propose that you embark on this treasure hunt, for within the circle of life lies a glinting secret. They say crows love things that shine, but this object’s more than meets the eye. All the single crows, now put your wings up! A symbol of promise, or just a glint in a crow’s eye? Follow the circle of intrigue that connects humans and feathered friends alike.

🔒 Unlock the page by entering the four (4) letter lower-case clue here.

Clue 2

Clue #3

A crafted illusion that brings flat images to life, these glasses may not help Nomegla see, but they sure do slap! Hidden in the Shelves’ virtual plot, can you find this unique pair that adds a new dimension to the world?
🔒 Unlock the page by entering the nine (9) alphanumeric lower-case clue here.

Clue 3

Clue #4

Building blocks for feathered architects, essential for crafting a cozy home. Hidden near where Crow Friends rest their wings in Voxels, can you find this simple yet crucial item?

🔒 Unlock the page by entering the five (5) letter lower-case clue here.

Clue 4

Clue #5

A crow’s favorite snack, wiggling its way into the menu. Hidden on the terrain where Crow Friends break their fast in Voxels. Can you unearth this tasty morsel?

🔒 Unlock the page by entering the four (4) letter lower-case clue word here.

Clue #6

Shiny and circular, it’s the gateway to becoming part of the Crow Friends family. You’ll find it where new Crow Friends will be revealed. Will you mint your place in the flock?

🔒 Unlock the page by entering the four (4) letter lower-case clue word here.

Clue 6

Clue #7

Vincent’s cuddly sidekick has gone MIA! Snuggled away from our feline guardian, find it to score a free mint! Will you be the one to reunite these lifelong pals?

🔒 Unlock the page by entering the five (5) letter lower-case clue word here.

Clue 7

Vincent’s Lost Treasure

Solve Clue #7, the final treasure, a sentimental relic close to Vincent’s heart, and you could land one of 10 FREE mint spots in our exclusive Crow Friends collection! Vincent is especially eager to see this precious item returned, though he might not show it. It’s a comforting presence, yet elusive and hidden. Prepare to shift your perspective and take flight. Finding this ultimate prize will require more than just a keen eye.

Where’s My Treasure? Map

Explore our treasure map from a crow’s-eye view. Uncover hidden objects, secret pathways, and delightful surprises. The map shows the world and the clues to help guide you to the location of objects in this world. Happy hunting!

Join In & Explore

By taking part in this hunt, you might reveal Nomegla’s art and even get a chance at a free mint spot in the Crow Friends collection. Keep exploring!

Join the Hunt Today!

Dive in and follow the clues, for a wing-flapping adventure with our Crow Friends. A disturbed Vincent is calling. Who knows what you’ll discover? The crows are waiting, and time is of the essence!

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