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Digital Art Projects

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Nomegla is a 13-year-old wiz-kid with a flair for all things cool and creative! From crafting mind-blowing kitsune and wolf-themed masks to designing the trendy art for Shelves and Crow Friends NFT collections, his artistic chops are out of this world. Since age five, Nomegla has been coding in Scratch, building Minecraft masterpieces, soldering geiger counters, and even building digital art assets for Obey Giant. He’s even taught a workshop on generative art at NFT BC. Nomegla is a numbers ninja, acing advanced math classes and swooping into the top 5 in multiple math competitions. He’s also a language superstar and chats in English and French (checkout the Cryptoboi Duet). Nomegla is obsessed with delicious food and whips up delicious vegan dishes and baked treats, all while caring deeply for our furry friends. Plus, he’s the coolest snowboarder on the slopes.

Sean Bonner

Sean Bonner is a visionary artist and advocate deeply immersed in NFTs since 2020, heading up web3 exploration for Obey Giant, a collab with Shepard Fairey, and advising Japan-based web3 fund gmjp. A published street photographer, Bonner also co-created the virtual lofi musician 8tari. His photography is captured in the book “Don’t Go Outside,” which showcases his street photography from Tokyo. As an author, musician, and activist, he’s made significant contributions to various art and music collectives, multimedia projects, and the environmental non-profit Safecast, showcasing a multifaceted and innovative approach to his craft.

Tara Tiger Brown

Tara Tiger Brown is a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia and a certified forest therapy guide, experienced in leading immersive sessions for people of all ages. With a strong background in technology and a commitment to evidence-based research, she specializes in designing personalized wellness experiences that explore the connection between forest-based interventions and health outcomes. Tara’s work in forest therapy reflects a dedication to revitalizing lives through nature’s healing power. In addition to her forest therapy guidance, she has more than a decade of experience in the tech community and has founded and co-founded various organizations, such as Los Angeles Makerspace, KitHub, and Connected Camps.

“No One Is Born Racist”

Nomegla and Tara are a well recognized meme. Sean Bonner took a photo of his family on the Paris Metro. Someone grabbed the phot from Flickr and added the text, “No one is born racist.” More than a decade later the meme has been circulated globally (even translated!) with millions and millions of views. Tara gave a talk analyzing the comments on the posts that ranged from kind to downright awful. A few years ago she found the stranger in the photo and were reunited in Paris. She still needs to write about that experience.