Crow Friends Summer Events: Join the Flock!

Here’s all the fun plans we have for our Crow Friends this summer: Now: Treasure Hunt and Limited Edition Crow Costume Coming Soon: Hawt Crow Summer Party Minting Flight Path: The Flyest Event This Summer Stay tuned for detailed announcements and updates on each phase of the journey. Follow us on X-Twitter @shelveswtf, @CrowFriendsNFT and […]

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Where’s My Treasure?

Help Our Feathered Friends Find Their Treasures! Greetings, treasure seekers! Our mischievous Crow Friends have misplaced their favorite objects. Vincent, the black cat mascot of Shelves, is rather perturbed that his favorite item from Shelves has gone missing! Join the Crow Friends in their crow-tastic hide-and-seek escapade across the Shelves website and Voxel plots. Reveal […]

6 mins read