Spicy Cookbook

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Spicy is about to jump off Shelves and into your kitchen

When Nomegla isn’t busy being a kid or working on his art, Nomegla cooks up vegan delights. Inspired by the trait “Vegan cookbooks” on Shelves, we crafted Spicy, a cookbook of our favorite recipes. It’s not just about the heat in the food; veganism can be a spicy topic too!

Summer Sangria

Here’s a quick sneak peek of a hot summer day fave: Sangria. It’s a wild mix of red wine, fruit juices, brandy, and triple sec. Add some sugar and fruit slices, and maybe some sparkling water if you’re in the mood. It’s as yummy as it’s refreshing. Just like what ‘Spicy’ is all about!

Are You Mocking Me?

Yep, we’ve got a mocktail version for those who prefer your rebellion a bit more sober (or are 13 years old). It’s all the flavor, none of the hangover – because sometimes life is hard enough without a headache.


Learn how to make boba in a new and refreshing way.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for ‘Spicy,’ coming soon to Shelves. This summer, let’s turn the kitchen into a flavor explosion that will leave you begging for more. After all, who said NFTs and vegan cuisine can’t mix?