Introducing Crow Friends
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Introducing Crow Friends

A Tale of Feathers, Friendship, and Creativity

In the lonely summer of 2020, young artist Nomegla found companionship in the unlikeliest of places – with a clever group of crows, led by the inimitable Floofy Pants. Together, they formed “Crow Friends,” a unique bond between human and birds that transcended the constraints of a quarantined world.

Now, Nomegla’s vivid imagination and love for his crow friends have blossomed into an exciting generative art collection. Hand-drawn and filled with myth, magic, and mischief, “Crow Friends” is more than just an NFT project – it’s an adventure waiting to unfold.

🔥 Join the Crow Friends Summer Events! 🔥

  • Crow Friends Costume: Sign our guest book or message us @shelveswtf for a Limited Edition Crow Friends Voxels costume.
  • Crow Friends Treasure Hunt: Crack the clues to find the treasures our sly Crow Friends have stashed away.
  • Hawt Crow Summer Party in Voxels: August 30th, 12pm Pacific. Dance your way into our music video at our virtual summer party.
  • Hawt Crow Summer Music Video Premiere Party: Don’t miss the premiere of the summer party music video, where party-goers get their 15 seconds of fame.
  • Mint Crow Friends: Witness the grand finale as the crafty crows take their place in the NFT spotlight.

With activities ranging from a treasure hunt to a music video party, the Crow Friends community is set to create a ruckus, spreading wings and joy along the way.

Follow @shelveswtf and @crowfriendsnft on X-Twitter to stay in the loop and become part of the Crow Friends story. Time to spread your wings and join this feathered adventure!

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