🎉 Hawt Crow Summer Party: Be a Star in Our Music Video! 🎉
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🎉 Hawt Crow Summer Party: Be a Star in Our Music Video! 🎉

When: August 30th, 12 PM Pacific Time
Where: Crow Friends Voxels Plot, 7 Fiat Rise, Satoshi Island
Plot Link: https://www.voxels.com/play?coords=N@652W,436N

🌟 Ever Dreamed of Starring in a Music Video? Now’s Your Chance! 🌟

Crow Friends are soaring into the limelight and we want YOU to join us! We’re hosting the ultimate Hawt Crow Summer Party in Voxels. Not only will you have a chance to party with the coolest crows in town, but you might also make a cameo in our upcoming music video!

👑 The Royal Treatment: Wear Your Crow Friends Costume 👑

Want to strut your feathers like a VIP? Come dressed in your Crow Friends costume! Rock your virtual plumage, caw to the beat, and get ready to take center stage! There’s no better way to capture the essence of this Hawt Crow Summer.

🎶 Why You Should Fly Over 🎶

  • Be part of the ultimate summer bash
  • Get a chance to star in Nomegla’s “Hawt Crow Summer” music video
  • Mingle with other Crow Friends and make new connections
  • Goodies for attendees

📝 How to Attend 📝

  1. Get yourself a Crow Friends costume
  2. Make your way to Crow Friends Voxels plot
  3. Shake your tail feathers like there’s no tomorrow!

🚀 Don’t Miss Your Chance to Be Part of NFT History! 🚀

Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and let’s make this a party for the ages. We can’t wait to see you there, bringing the house down in true Crow Friends style!

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