Crow Friends: Welcome to the Roost

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Crow Friends is a generative art collection by 13-year-old artist Nomegla. This project departs from Nomegla’s pixel art found in Shelves and Voxels. Crow Friends is hand drawn, and the themes focus on traits found in real crow species. But don’t expect a David Attenborough documentary here – the collection includes a fair share of myth, magic, and even objects reminiscent of their Shelves adventures.

Crow Friends Events (2023)

Nov. 1st: Crow Friends holders can claim “Costume Party” editioned art piece

Nov. 1st: Buy Crow Friends on OpenSea.

Oct. 1st – 31st: Public Mint is closed

Oct. 28th: Crow Friends Friend Passes updated to ‘Behind the Colors’ editioned art piece

Oct. 28th: Crow Friends holders can claim ‘Behind the Colors’ – full color editioned art piece

Sept 30th: Pre-mint / Airdrop

Sept 21 – 28th: Claim the FREE Friend Pass for 50% off the Public Mint Price.

➑️ Crow Friends Costume

Dive beak-first into the excitement! Message us your wallet on X-Twitter, and you’ll snag yourself a Limited Edition Crow Friends Voxels costume. πŸ‘— Snag it!

πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Crow Friends Treasure Hunt

The game is afoot, or rather, a-wing! Crack the seven clues to find the “borrowed” treasures that our sly Crow Friends have stashed away. These are no mere shiny trinkets but traits directly from the Crow Friends NFT collection.

πŸŽ‰ Hawt Crow Summer Party

On August 30th Crow Friends wore their costume and gave their tail feather at shake at our summer party in Voxels.

πŸŽ₯ Hawt Crow Summer Music Video Premiere Party

Coming soon: the premiere of our summer party music video.

Cawllectively Creating A Ruckus

Time to spread your wings and join our vibrant Crow Friends crowmmunity. Follow us on X-Twitter, hang out with Nomegla in Voxels, and buy a Crow Friends.

Nomegla, the Artist Giving a Flying Flock

Spend a moment getting to know Nomegla, an emerging artist who’s proving that when it comes to creativity and imagination, age is just a number. Nomegla, a lover of art and animals alike, found an unexpected silver lining during the loneliness of the 2020 pandemic lockdown, making friends with the neighbourhood crows.

My crow friends have made me laugh, inspire a lot of my art, and taught me that friends can come in all sorts of packages. They’re not just birds to me; they’re really my friends.

Hey, it’s Nomegla, and I’m excited to tell you about my crow friends! They’ve become like real friends to me. When I go outside and shout, “Crow Crow Crow,” they all come flying in looking for peanuts. Some are polite and take just one, but some are pretty greedy. I’ve even seen one grab four at once! πŸ₯œ They follow me to my bus stop, and it’s like having my own winged entourage. During baby season, I’ve never been attacked – they just seem to know I’m a friend.

One of my favorites is Floofy Pants. He’s got these fluffy feathers that make it look like he’s wearing pants. He even introduced me to his babies!

I’ve heard stories about crows giving gifts like rings and coins to people. And I laughed so hard about the crow using a Suica card to get into a Tokyo train station. But that story about a crow getting a dagger in Vancouver was a bit scary. I hope to see the albino crow on Vancouver Island someday. I’m always sad when I see a dead crow friend, and I make sure to say a little goodbye.

My crow friends have made me laugh, inspire a lot of my art, and taught me that friends can come in all sorts of packages. During a time when I felt really lonely, they showed up and have been there ever since. They’re not just birds to me; they’re really my friends. I can’t wait for you to meet them in my new project, “Crow Friends.” Stay tuned, and keep looking up!

Crow Friends Samples

Here’s a small sample of Crow Friends illustrated by Nomegla. We refer to traits as “treasures” and the trove is ginormous.