Crow Friends Summer Events: Join the Flock!
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Crow Friends Summer Events: Join the Flock!

Here’s all the fun plans we have for our Crow Friends this summer:

Now: Treasure Hunt and Limited Edition Crow Costume

  • Hawt Crow Summer Party in Voxels: On Aug. 30th at 12pm Pacific. Dance and party with fellow Crow Friends at our Voxels summer bash. You might even find yourself in our music video!

Coming Soon: Hawt Crow Summer Party

  • Hawt Crow Summer Music Video Premiere Party: Don’t miss the premiere of the summer party music video, where party-goers get their 15 seconds of fame.

Minting Flight Path: The Flyest Event This Summer

  • Airdrop: We’re expressing gratitude to our Shelves holders with 333 exclusive tokens.
  • Pre-Mint Tiers: Treasure hunters and early birds, we have special offers for you!
  • Public Mint: The grand finale! Crow Friends get the recognition they deserve.

Stay tuned for detailed announcements and updates on each phase of the journey. Follow us on X-Twitter @shelveswtf, @CrowFriendsNFT and our website for the latest news.

Spread your wings and join the flock, the adventure is just beginning! πŸ–€

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