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Vincent jumping between shelves.

The Future of Storytelling Begins Here

Shelves is a fully minted generative collection of 333 18×18 pixel art NFTs hand drawn by Nomegla. The collection is filled with rarities, references, easter eggs and a special 1/1 piece.

This project is about more than just books, bookshelves, stories, and ideas. It’s about transforming the concept of a bookshelf into a dynamic publishing platform, breathing new life into the stories we tell and the ideas we share.

It’s a family project by Nomegla, Sean, and Tara inspired by objects on our physical and virtual shelves. It is our way of welcoming you into our personal space and inviting you to be a part of this exciting evolution.

The newest story revolves around crows. When we moved during the height of the pandemic we had to quarantine for two weeks. We didn’t have any furniture so we spent a lot of time sitting on the front steps staring out into empty streets. Then one day crows swooped in to check us out. As a thank you, we fed them peanuts, and soon became friends. Three years later, crows recognize us and follow us around the neighbourhood, bring their babies to meet us, and never ever attack us. The Crow Friends collection by Nomegla is a tribute to a lonely time when our clever friends made it better.